Crime: How a Criminal thinks..


Understand how criminals pick their victims. By doing this, you will learn how NOT to be a VICTIM. 


The author is an active firearms and law enforcement instructor in a country ranking in the TOP 10 most violent countries in the world. 

Almost 30 years experience in high risk operations and qualifications in Criminal Psychology, brings you a high quality, easy to read book that teaches you not only how criminals pick their targets, but what their modus operandi is, what happens to your body once experience shock, what the criminal planning cycle is, and much moreā€¦

Physically fighting is a LAST RESORT for Self- defence!

Preventing from getting into a situation where you have to defend yourself is the FIRST!

Learn how they target you as a victim on the street, your home, in your vehicle, etc. 

Do not miss it. Get the e-book now!

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